Isaac Cohen company founded in 2002, In the city of Kastoria. With excellent expertise and european focus, active since then in the fur industry.

The years of Ottoman acquisition, counting five centuries dynamic presence, becoming a turbocharger of the local economy and a catalyst for economic and cultural development.

The company has organized staffing, and workforce, fully specialized in the production of fur products.

The main goal of business: Production and trade of fur products, high - standards that will meet the greek and international standards.

For this purpose the company:

* Developed a fully equipped laboratory for raw materials and products.
* It also developed, full featured processing workshop and production of fur products.

Company’s target, is to:

* Do continuous research to improve the products and first of matter, which always meet the conditions and market demand.
*Obtains raw materials from reliable suppliers.
* Established procedures for the best possible service to its customers and their well-informed about its products.
* Respect the environment by applying environmentally sound production methods.

As a result of the organization and efficiency of the enterprise, and giving based on the originality, offers to its customers the most modern and quality products, such as boots, carpets, coats, scraps of fur etc.